Sunday, May 10, 2009

And the Battle Continues to Rage,7340,L-3712747,00.html

In response to the above article (which I hope linked properly):

"It should make us cognizant of the fact that we are but a creation of a Higher Power and that whatever we can achieve pales into insignificance when it is compared to the Creator of the universe."

This here is exactly where this article completely misses the point. People who do not choose to observe Shabbat generally don't believe we ARE "but a creation of a Higher Power" and there is no reason for them to be forced into a cognizance of something with which they disagree completely. Beliefs cannot and should not be forced on a public that has made up their mind on the issue already. That means that forcing people to do so falls into the category of encraochment upon freedom of religion, of belief, of thought, and of free expression.

Also, the grammar and punctuation in this article is atrocious.