Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi Again

So if anyone is still reading this blog, which I kind of doubt, I'd like to say that's pretty cool of you. I have not posted in over two months, and they have been very busy, stressful months which has something to do with the not-posting thing. So I figured I'd post again and see if anyone's still out there.

I don't have too much to say though. Or maybe too much to say, which in essence amounts to the same thing. I mean I ought to be able to say something about the war, or the coming elections, or school or work or volunteering. For example, how Shas stole Obama's campaign slogan: כן, אנחנו יכולים. Swear to G-d, it's on all the buses.

Or the air raid drill we had last week. (I volunteer as a teacher's assistant for the English teachers at a local elementary school.) Getting two hundred screaming Israeli kids into a machsan in something like an orderly fashion is scary enough, even without the danger. And if you don't know why, you've never hung out with about two hundred screaming Israeli children at once.

And did you know there are some areas of the Gush from which one can actually see the flaring and the smoke from Gaza? People go to watch it like it's entertainment. On a Shabbat afternoon. Or evening.

And in other news, people have been violating shuls and schools in my hometown. In addition to which, I am suddenly being harassed on Skype by anti-semites.

In between all of this, I've been spending a lot of energy worrying about death.

But, on the bright side, I am learning how to read Sephardic Hebrew cursive. Which is just about the most annoying form of the Hebrew alphabet I have yet come across. Although teaching myself to read is kind of cool. I spend so much time teaching other people to read it's actually kind of fun to do it myself.

This more or less sums up what's been going on in my life in the time between the posts. Except not really, at all, but highlights here and there.

All in all, I think I'd rather be in Florida.