Saturday, November 08, 2008

G-d Again

I have come to the following conclusions (largely based on Leibniz's Monadology, or at least concluded while reading it:)

1) That because G-d is completely perfect, thus encompassing all possibilities; that the existence of evil is not only inherent in the existence of G-d, but also inherently necessary in the definition of G-d's existence.
2) That since G-d encompasses all possibilities, including the possibility that He does not exist, G-d must by definition, simultaneously exist and not exist.
3) This concept is both supported and embodied by the quantum theory of infinite possibilities - that if in an infinite universe, all possibilities must at some point in the space-time matrix of infinite existence be actualized, then, in an infinite universe, G-d must also exist and not exist.
4) That therefor, based on these ideas, existence itself hinges on a basic and inherent contradiction.
And so does G-d.