Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Little More Philosophy. Just Because I Can.

"In a confused way, they (monads) all strive after the infinite, the whole; but they are limited and differentiated by the degrees of their distinct perceptions."

"For all is a plenum...and in the plenum every motion has an effect upon distant bodies is proportion to their distance.....Wherefore it follows that this inter-communication of things extends to any distance, however great. And that consequently every body feels the effect of all that takes place in the universe, so that he who sees all might read in each what is happening everywhere, and even what has happened or shall happen....But a soul can read in itself only that which is there represented distinctly...." - G.W. Leibniz

...some confidence in the character of the enemy must remain even in the midst of war, as otherwise no peace could be concluded and the hostilities would degenerate into a war of extermination. -Immanuel Kant, "Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch."

Oh, and by the way? If any person is currently touching fire, it's burning them. Just so ya'll can't say you weren't warned.


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