Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back to My Beginnings

I've been feeling a lot more chill lately. Like I used to, way back when. Before high school even. I haven't been quite this tripped out on life since I was a kid. It's been pretty crazy.
I have several ideas as to what might be behind this, and it's probably more of a combination of factors. I don't really care, I'm thanking G-d for giving me back a piece of myself I thought was gone forever.
My parents are joining me in the Holy Land for the Passover festival (first time here since the late seventies) which means I may have fun family stuff to write about soon. Or, I may have absolutely no time to write anything at all until finals are over.

Chag Kasher Visameyach to all.


Blogger Josh said...

Drugs man, they're like, in the air man.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Miri said...


12:37 PM  
Blogger הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said... said drugs be d'air. What so hard to understand 'bout dat?

By the way;
1) It says "hatzair" before Sh'lomo (which is my name), which is being blocked by the picture.
2) I still want to do school in Israel, but there seem to be complications based on the amount of time I previously spent in Israel (I will attempt to 'work around it')...that agriculture guy never answered my email by the way...
3) Man, that Israel discussion got way long, I'm going to have to print it to be able to put in my two cents!
4) Flyleaf rules man!!
5) מועד כשר ושמח לכל החברה

1:06 PM  
Blogger Miri said...

I'm surprised he didn't answer your e-mail, that's really strange...are you sure you got the e-mail address right?

6:02 AM  
Blogger הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

oh, I got the email address right! It just seems your "moshe" friend is too good to talk to me! "Oh, i'm into agriculture, I can't talk to you!". Give me a break!

(I don't mean this too seriously by the way...)

12:49 PM  
Blogger Miri said...

yeah I think he just doesn't check his e-mail that often...I wouldn't take it personally.

4:33 AM  

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