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This old commercial for Coca-Cola has been the spawn of many personal plans and dreams. Mostly dashed by cruel reality, as plans and dreams so often are. Firstly, I ought to to note that the first verse was used, during my shana baaretz, also known as shana aleph, (by which I mean, to those not so fluent in Jewish American post-high school jargon, my first year in seminary, or first post high-school year) in a medley in the seminary choir competition. This is relevant mostly because that's how I was, shamefully, first made aware of its existence; secondarily because I was just listening to the album again (I only ever listen to these things during sfira, bc they're mostly accapella) and since I am supposed to be studying for a philosophy final and there is only so much Descartes a woman can take in one go, I decided a cool way to procrastinate would be to look up the original commercial on youtube, since I'd never actually seen it. (Deep breath.) (Hee, see the reason that's funny is bc I don't actually run out of breath when I'm typing, bc I do that with my fingers. But when you read it you hear a voice in your head which should in theory be running out of breath and so you feel like there should be a deep breath needed at the end. But see, actually, there isn't a deep breath needed, bc of the aforementioned finger thing. So. Yeah. Anyway.)

Anyway, after said concert someone mentioned that actually this was an old coke commercial in which a young women wanders around a busy city street handing out free cokes and singing. And I was all like "Omhigod we should totally do that! That would be so much fun!" Which generated a fair amount of general enthusiasm until we all realized that you couldn't actually do that on a real city street, bc people would probably think you were trying to poison them, or spread some kind of biological weapon or something, and we'd probably just get arrested. Cities have become a lot less fun that way over the last couple of decades or so. Like, for another example, we also had this awesome idea whereby we were totally gonna set up this party on the El (the Chicago train system for poor people) which means basically we'd get on the train somewhere, set up decorations and food and drinks and play music from a boom box and start dancing about and basically just having a party, and whoever wandered into our car would join in. Only the CTA has rules about playing music on public transportation, so we figured we'd probably get shut down before we really had the chance to enjoy it enough so that the endeavor would have been worth the trouble. I think this idea was also based on a commercial. I may or may not have seen this one, but in any case I don't remember what it was for, so I don't think I could look it up. (Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller?) (Sorry. I had to.) No, it's not the Bacardi one, this party was actually on a train.)
Anyway, please enjoy the fruits of my procrastination. Oh, and the coke commercial is accapella, so no sfira worries there. :)


Blogger Lubab No More said...

> I think this idea was also based on a commercial. I may or may not have seen this one, but in any case I don't remember what it was for, so I don't think I could look it up.

I seem to remember it being a Smirnoff Ice commercial but I didn't find anything on the YouTubes. However, here are some subway hijinx from ImprovAnywhere.

No Pants 2002

No Pants 2k6

No Pants 2k7

and finally
Haunted House (subway car)

(BTW, I personally think that while ImprovAnywhere tries to walk the fine line between being interesting and being obnoxious they often are just obnoxious. That said I highly approve of their "No Pants" performances. No one is the butt [snort] of the joke and everyone wins).

8:07 PM  
Blogger Lubab No More said...


The first link should be:

No Pants 2002

8:09 PM  
Blogger Nemo said...

Shouldn't you also give a Kol Isha warning, I mean, once we're being all Frum and stuff...

7:49 PM  
Blogger Miri said...

Improv anywhere! I'm a huge fan. We've been talking about doing stuff like that in Jerusalem; I mean, me and my friends...we haven't had the guts or the time to do anything yet though. I'll keep you posted.

I gave a kol isha warning on another video once and no one reacted. So I guess I figured no one cared?

3:58 AM  
Blogger הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Yo; anybody know what that kind of music is called (from the coke commercial)? ..I'm thinking about getting into it a little.

9:52 AM  

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