Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Screw Coherence

someone wrote in the comments on a blog that I recently read that they "know there's a lot that they don't know but at least they know what it is they don't know." paraphrased. I'd like to expound on that. I know so little that I don't know the extent of what it is that I don't know. I never will. I have always been told that this is what it means to be human, bc humans can't know everything. we don't have the time, most of us don't have the mental capacity to retain all that information, plus a lot of it is really useless stuff like what couch lint smells like, or what the random rice-patty worker in China ate for breakfast yesterday, or who decided to create different types of paper-clips in new and interesting shapes. there is a lot of actually useful and interesting stuff that I also don't know, and which might be helpful in my search for the original breakthrough idea that finally takes existential discussions onto a new plane. but all this stuff I keep reading keeps bringing me to the same old "so.....what?" conclusions.
I'm sorry for being repetitive, bc I know I've said all this already, and I apologize for the fact that none of this is even vaguely understandable bc I'm not going to explain where any of it is coming from. but G-d damn it people! must the ideas always go around and around and around in the same old tired circles again and again and again? can't anyone pick up where someone else left off and break forth into a new concept? I mean, I know I shouldn't be the one to talk bc I haven't exactly been that productive myself, but I am trying.
meanwhile the integral cohesive unity of the universe is buzzing just beyond my reach. I've done a decent amount of searching for new dots to connect, and I've come up with a whole bunch of good ones, now I'm just waiting to draw the squiggly lines in place but meanwhile I'm getting a little fed up.


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