Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Nations In One Belly

A poem. Because, although I have much to say, and hope to one day say it, mayhaps, meanwhile I have no time and so I give you this instead. I refuse to disclaimer it, except to say it is my feeble attempt to go where so many have gone before me; perhaps, if I am lucky, I've done it better than some. Anyway, your criticism is most kindly solicited. If the criticism is good, i may give you another. (Note: this is a working title. I know it's not technically Biblically accurate, but I figured if one could metaphorically call Israel a belly, then it might work anyway. Just saying.)

10)Two Nations In One Belly
raise me up with borrowed wings on broken knees
lift up my bended neck from over troubled breast
these shards of stone and glass won't let me rest
so long as poets and peasants sing for peace

my tiny voice can only fail to justify
a country of two worlds unequally divided
justice is a theory relatively sided
on the sliding gridded scale where truth lies

for ages men asked Questions without Answers
despite beleagured study by those far wiser than I
and yet the stiff-necked youth cannot fail to try
to weave the painful dreams of two nations' rancor

I might not call it hopeless, but for my hate of hope
and where necessity must breed invention
ingenuity brings new genius to old convention
and burning persistence may take solution in its scope


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